Detech SSP 5100 Pro Pack Deep Seeking Metal Detector System with 1 Meter Square

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Detech SSP 5100 Pro Pack Deep Seeking Metal Detector System with 1 Meter Square  -
See Your Treasure! Detech SSP 5100 is a Visual Target Identification metal detector with Discriminating Deep Pulse Technology. This Deep-seeking Pulse metal detector ships as a complete system for locating deeply buried treasures. The included 1 meter x 1 meter deep seeking search coil will locate Gold, Silver, Platinum, and precious metal treasures to 4 meters. Targets are identified as Fe Ferrous (Iron and Steel) or Non-Ferrous (Gold, Silver, Copper etc.) right on the LCD display screen! See the size of the target visually on the display. Includes built-In Rechargeable Power and real-time battery display. Optional coils extend the range to 8 meters underground!

Pulse Technology with Discrimination

Two modes are All metal and Discrimination. Discrimination of ferrous objects is made possible by a magnetometer built into the search coil. The Discrimination mode of operation avoids the unnecessary digging of unwanted shallow ferrous iron targets. Below the shallow targets, the unit is all-metal so no precious metals or precious metals that are mixed with iron are not missed. This unit features both an Auto-Tune mode for beginners and a Manual Tune model for advanced users.


  • 1 meter x 1 meter Square Deep Seeking Pulse Coil
  • Carry Straps for Deep Seeking Search Coil
  • 110 / 220 Volt Wall Plug Charger
  • USA Power Adapter
  • Alkaline Battery Pod with Leather Holster
  • Detailed Instruction Manual
  • Quick Start User Guide
  • Leather System Control Box Holster
  • LCD Digital System Control Box
  • System Control Box Carry Strap
  • System Cordura Carry Case with Carry Handles