Teknetics T2 Accessory Bundle with 5" DD Coil, Camo Pouch, Backpack, Cap & More

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Teknetics T2 Accessory Bundle: 5" DD Coil w/ Scuff, Camo Pouch, Rechargeable Battery Kit, Elbow & Face Covers, Camo Cap and Tall Camo Backpack.

The Teknetics T2 Classic Accessory Bundle includes many useful accessories for the Teknetics T2 Classic metal detector.


  • 5" DD Search Coil
  • 5" Coil Cover
  • Teknetics Finds Pouch
  • Battery Recharge Kit
  • Elbow Cover
  • Faceplate Cover
  • Camouflage Hat
  • Camouflage Backpack (tall)