Coiltek 12 x 8" Platypus Mono Coil for Minelab SD, GP, GPX Detectors

Product Code: C02-0004

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This coil has been an excellent addition to the range of products we offer. This is a unique design as it is fully water proof and one of only a few fully water proof coils we produce. The coil is potted with epoxy resin which holds all the windings secure and provide its water proof ability. The coil comes with a fitted skid-plate which has been designed so it can be easily removed to clean out trapped dirt or dust or to remove completely and swing without the skid. The coils robustness will ensure that if run without a skid plate it will endure the knocks and bumps during normal swing action. (solid skid plate also available) The strain relief on the coil could be the only area of water intake so always remember to have this hand tight plus half a turn before you are going to submerse the coil. Also remember that the coil is water proof only, so ensure that your cable plug and control box are kept free of moisture at all times.

Operation hints & tips:
This mono coil has super sensitivity. It is very well balanced and its pinpointing ability is very easily used. When you have located a target you can tilt the coil to one side and use the outer perimeter of the coil to pinpoint. The whole outer perimeter of a mono coil should signal and give an easy pinpointing ability. Again, as the coil can be submersed it can easily see the very small targets trapped in stream and crevices. This coil is best run slightly above the ground as it sometimes can be hyper sensitive due to ground conditions and/or external conditions. With a slower swing speed the coil will have the ability to see the very small targets and quite reasonable depths (this can vary on different detectors and settings used) and still have the chance of responding to a larger deeper target. Remember to overlap the mono coils by at least half if you want to ensure you cover the area well.


  • Easily maneuvered
  • Light weight
  • Waterproof
  • Excellent sensitivity and depth capabilities
  • Fitted or solid skid plate available
  • Very robust design

Applicable metal detectors

  • Minelab SD series
  • Minelab GP series
  • Minelab GPX series