Coiltek 17x11" TDI Mono Search Coil for Whites TDI Metal Detector

Product Code: C06-0006

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Whites TDI series

Introducing COILTEK’s new range of WHITES TDI coils. They incorporate a new winding innovation which optimises the transmit and receive signals, therefore improving depth and sensitivity when compared to the standard wound coils available.

The entire series are branded with the well-known Coiltek terracotta colour. Each coils performance will give the detectorist a smooth stable operation with reduced noise from ground mineralisation and touch sensitivity. There are two fully submersible options and a number of choices of round or elliptical shapes. This will assist in recovering gold or treasure either deep in the ground or where other coils have not been successful.

You can be assured of a high quality, high performing product that is backed up with great service, reliability and a 2 year warranty. Any WHITES TDI detector operator could be missing out on Optimising Discovery if they are not swinging a COILTEK.