Coiltek GPX REGULATED BATTERY SYSTEM for only Minelab GPX Series

Product Code: R03-0001

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The new GPX Battery System delivers constant voltage, boosted audio control & improved stability in a single, lightweight unit.

The GPX Battery System combines the benefits of a constant voltage output with a boosted audio enhancer. Engineered specifically for the Minelab GPX series of detectors, it delivers a constant output of 8.2 volts even when the battery level is low. This means no fiddling with settings or audio levels to compensate for power fluctuations; just increased stability and the certainty that the detector is always working at peak performance.

Features include:

  • Constant voltage output of 8.2V
  • Inbuilt audio booster with volume control - works with external speaker too
  • Hard wearing aluminium casing
  • Sturdy push button On/Off switch
  • LED battery level indicator
  • 240V mains charger and 12V inverter included for car charger
  • Separate charging input connection
  • Lightweight at just 670 grams
  • Small enough to fit most harnesses

Get the best from your new GPX Battery System:

Charge your unit before using for the first time. The battery has a low charge in it for transport only and is not at operational voltage.

When storing your GPX Battery System, make sure it is turned off and unplugged from all devices. If storing for a long time between uses, give the unit a top-up charge every 2 to 3 months to maintain optimum battery performance.

Only use the supplied charger connected to the correct charging input port. Never charge your unit in the car in high temperatures (35°C +), unattended or in wet conditions.

Make sure that dirt and objects do not lodge in the charging port, as this can damage your unit or prevent charging.