Detech 13” Ultimate DD Waterproof Search Coil for Whites Brand Metal Detector

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NEW & Improved Black Version!

Compared with the classic DD coils the Detech 13” Ultimate Coil has the following advantages

  • Very stable operation
  • Better Sensitivity
  • More accurate target identification
  • More stable ground and better overall field performance
  • Ribbed housing, specially designed for absorbing the mechanical shocks and vibrations
  • Made of special polymer, strenghened with glass fibers, injection molded with a very high pressure
  • Maximum UV Protection

The coil keeps it’s perfect inductive balance in a very wide temperature range.

Comes standard with Coil Cover (coil cover weighs only 50g)

Compatible with White’s V3, VX3, V3i, DFX, MXT Series, M6 and MX5 Metal Detector


  • Waterproof


  • Size: 13"
  • Configuration: DD
  • Coil Weight: 480g / 1.06 Pounds