Detech Chaser 14kHz VLF metal detector, 9" Ultimate Search Coil & Ni-MH Charger

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The Detech Chaser 14kHz VLF metal detector combines:

  • The best depth and sensitivity
  • Extremely stable operation
  • Excellent discrimination

The new Chaser is intuitive and extremely easy to operate:

  • 5 languages Menu – English, French, Russian, Spanish and Turkish
  • It also features a HELP function in each of the languages in order to make thing easy for the beginner operator
  • With its multi-purpose 14 kHz operating frequency, this exceptional all-terrain metal detector is useful for all kinds of metal detecting: coin shooting, relic hunting, nugget hunting, searching for very deep treasures, beach hunting… you name it!
  • 180 units precise VDI scale
  • ID band on the display, showing the conductivity of the different targets, indicating the chosen degree of discrimination
  • Easily adjustable discrimination levels
  • Four preset discrimination programs: DISC ZERO, RELIC, COINS, BEACH.

Choice of three audio modes of operation:

  • ONE TONE, DUAL TONE (MIXED), Tonal Identification (MULTI TONE)
  • Accurate PINPOINT function with audio and visual indication
  • Easy to use MENU featuring 6 functions having intuitive assigned ICONS: Sensitivity, Volume, High/Low GAIN, Tone, Frequency, Memory (you can save your last used settings)
  • Full Ground Balance capabilities: Automatic (real time terrain tracking), Manual (you can fine tune it according to your specific needs and terrain) and Fixed (factory preset average value)
  • Built-in LED dual torches for illuminating the coil and the area in front of the operator (the operator can activate this function which is very useful for night hunting)
  • High Resolution 256 x 160 pixels illuminated display
  • All search coils are fiber glass reinforced, ultralight, solidly built, waterproof and shock-resistant.
  • Scratch resistant coil covers come standard with all coils.

Other Features:

  • The detector uses 4 AA batteries providing more than 20 hours of continuous operation.
  • The Chaser provides a 1/4 Inches stereo headphones output.
  • An excellently balanced detector, having the overall weight of only 1.5 kg (3.5 lbs) including the batteries and the Ultimate 9″ stock coil.

Package contains:

  • Electronic control unit
  • Telescopic stem (carbon fiber)
  • Charger for Ni-MH rechargeable batteries
  • Ultimate 9″ coil,
  • User manual (English)
  • 2 Years Guarantee

Additional Information

  • SKU: D00160-9X
  • Approximate Weight: 3 Pounds 5 Ounces - 1520 Grams with Batteries
  • Audio Identification: Multiple
  • Battery Requirements: 4 - AA
  • Battery Indicator: Yes
  • Brand: Detech
  • Built-In Flashlight: Yes
  • Search Coil Size: 9" Search Coil
  • Country: Bulgaria
  • Ground Balance: Manual or Auto Ground Balance
  • Headphone Jack Size: 1/4 Inch
  • Length: Folded 28" - Extends from 35" to 56"
  • Operating Mode: All Metal and Discriminate
  • Operating Frequency: 14 kHz
  • Circuitry Type: VLF
  • Pinpoint Mode: Yes
  • Search Coil Shape: Round
  • Search Coil Type : Ultimate
  • Sensitivity Adjustment: Yes
  • Vibrating Alert : No
  • Visual Identification: LCD Screen
  • Water Resistance: Waterproof Coil