Lortone Model 33B Rock Tumbler Kit with Abrasives, Polish and Stones

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Get started today! Our entry level rock tumbler kit comes with two 3 lb. capacity barrels, instructions,  4-step abrasive and polish set, plastic pellets and rough stones for tumbling.

This tumbler features Two Barrels, each with a 3 lb. capacity- for a total of 6 lb. capacity. You can also choose to use this tumbler in Single Barrel mode.

This Kit Includes

  • Lortone Model 33B Rock Tumbler
  • Two 3 lb. Barrels
  • 4-Step Abrasive and Polish Kit
  • Plastic Pellets
  • Rough stones
  • Illustrated instructions booklet
  • Limited One-Year Warranty by Manufacturer for parts and labor

Made in the USA. Designed for years of trouble-free service.

This rock tumbler is quiet, sturdy, simple to operate, and gives excellent results. Also perfect for jewelry tumbling!

Lortone tumblers are perfect for small applications or for the beginning hobbyist. Sturdy and easy to operate.

Our patented molded rubber barrels provide extra sound absorption, while delivering excellent results. Illustrated instruction book included.

Good tumbling results starts with a good machine.

Even though all tumblers do the same basic job, the size can still affect the results.

Not only do larger tumblers require more rock to operate efficiently, they also consume more grit and polish.

Buy a small tumbler if you are just getting started or plan to tumble smaller loads.

Buy a mid-size tumbler if you need to tumble larger stones (2" to 2.5") or have larger amounts.

For production runs, choose a commercial unit.


  • Base dimensions: 6.25” W x 16” L.
  • Two 3 lb. Barrels:  4-1/8" Deep and 3-7/8" Diameter each
  • Double barrel rock tumbler, combine for 6 lb. total capacity

About Lortone

For over 50 years, serious lapidaries have considered Lortone the standard for performance and durability. Since then, we have continued to develop machines for every lapidary while also keeping the tradition of making our products locally.

Located in Mukilteo, Washington, north of Seattle,  Lortone has a long history of producing high value, economical lapidary and jewelry equipment built to last for many years.

Our tradition of using superior materials and workmanship continues, using proven designs, premium steel and quality construction.

Whether you’re active in cutting slabs or bookends, polishing cabs, deburring metals, tumbling jewelry or beach agate, Lortone has the right product for you!