Makro RC13E 5" x 4.5" Coil for Racer 2 Metal Detector

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This is an optional search coil for the Makro Racer and Racer 2 metal detector.

Ships complete with search coil cover and hardware.

This Double D coil comes standard with the Racer 2 metal detector Pro package.

This is a small sized coil that will detect individual targets such as coins, gold nuggets, relics and jewelry with great pinpoint accuracy.

Makro Racer 2 5'' x 4.5'' (13 x 12 cm) DD Search Coil (RC13) - This is the smallest search coil available for the Racer 2 metal detector by Makro.

The smaller size of this coil provides accurate pinpointing in the tightest spots.

With four optional Makro Racer 2 search coils to choose from, you can always select the best search coil for your environment.

Achieve the best performance in a variety of areas.