Mars Metal Detectors MarsMD Pointer Water Resistant Black Pinpointer


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The MarsMD Pointer is a highly sensitive compact handheld metal detector engineered for locating small metal objects.

This Pin Pointer is designed to be used while working with a full-sized metal detector in the field.

It can also be used for construction to find hidden wiring, pipes, etc., or security to scan people and luggage for metal items.

When searching a pulsing vibration and sound alert will intensify to indicate how close the sensor is to a metal target.

The MarsMD Pointer has a high quality plastic housing and is IP64 certified.


  • Belt Holster
  • Two Year Warranty
  • Owner's Manual


  • Audio/Vibration Alert or Silent Vibration only Alert
  • Weatherproof (Damp and Dust)
  • 360 degree detection area
  • Lost Pin-Pointer Alarm
  • 12 kHz Operating Frequency
  • Powered by One 9v Battery (Not Included)