Minelab CTX 3030 Survival Guide and Clip Pouch

Product Code: CR-CTX3030 SG

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This mini manual is a compilation of so many unsung knowledge mentors. Our respect and thanks to all.

Its pages are essentials from the pages of the CTX master manual reformatted for portability while complementing the CTX 3030 details accurately.

The CTX 3030 Survival Guide is 4" x 6" printed in full color with actual screen images from the CTX for easy guidance.

The format "wire o bound" allows the user to open the booklet 360 degrees for easier handling and reading.

Each order includes the manual and an accompanying zippered, field pouch complete with handy clip fastener.

Take this manual to the field with you and soon you will see it contributing to your CTX 3030 experience.

We know you will enjoy the guide and pouch as much as we do!