Minelab X-TERRA 10.5" Round Double-D (DD) 18.75 kHz Coil

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Minelab 10.5" DD 18.75 kHz Search Coil for X-Terra Metal Detector 3011-0103

Suitable for X-TERRA series metal detectors (except X-TERRA 30).

This high frequency (18.75kHz) lightweight water resistant Double-D coil is more sensitive to small gold nuggets and fine jewelry and has excellent ground coverage.

Being a Double-D makes it ideal in areas high in ground mineralization.


  • Coil Cover
  • Coil Hardware


  • Compatible: Minelab X-TERRA 305, 505, 705, 705 Gold Pack, 50 and 70
  • Water Protection: Water Resistant
  • Coil Shape: Round
  • Coil Windings: Double-D (DD)