Portable Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner For Gold Mining Prospecting

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​Lightweight, canister type, 12 volt vacuum. Perfect  for wet and dry cleaning conditions. The cracks and crevices in bedrock do a great job of collecting gold, but what makes it an excellent gold trap makes it tough to work. Removing the fine gold flakes from the cracks is made much easier with this vacuum.

While not designed specifically to find gold, we've found this vacuum to be a very affordable and effective gold prospecting tool to clean bedrock cracks and crevices while sniping for gold nuggets. Of course, you can still use it for all those mundane tasks like vacuuming your car, work shop, or garage. But finding gold nuggets sounds a lot better to us!


  • ​​Wet or dry Pick-up
  • Inflates pool floats and air mattresses
  • powered by 12V DC accessory / Lighter plug with fuse
  • Plastic catch tray resist rust
  • Flexible 3-foot vacuum hose for greater reach
  • Versatile brush, crevice and nozzle attachment heads
  • Great for gold prospecting, boats, Rvs and camping