Quest xPointer Huntmate - CAMO Land Pinpointer with Holster

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This easy to use pinpointer is completely automatic and does not interfere with any other metal detector. Locate your targets faster and easier with the Huntmate Pinpointer!

Works side by side with any metal detector. It's easy. It's fast. Just locate the target with your detector, push the button and "zero in" on the target's exact location.

Auto-tuning works in either "vibration" or "beep" mode. Powerful LED light illuminates target areas when the button is pushed.

Lasts at least 20 hours on a single 9-Volt battery. 36 kHz operating frequency, doesn't interfere with any other metal detector.


  • Belt Holster


  • No tuning
  • Completely automatic
  • Two buttons control
  • Powerful LED light, comfort grabbing experience.
  • Audio mode, Vibration" or "beep" mode, Audio plus vibration mode
  • Powers for up to 20 hours. Low battery alert. Loss prevent alert.
  • 36 kHz operating frequency
  • No interference with any other metal detector