Testing Box KIT, 10-14-18-22k, Silver, Platinum, Stones, Neutralizer & Test Prong

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6 Jewelry Testing Solutions, 8 Slots Wooden Box with six slots for 6 Acid Bottles, 2 Test Stones, 1 Test Neutralizer Solution and 1 Prong Test Tool with 5 Gold Testing needles.


  • 10K Gold Test Liquid Yellow Cap
  • 14K Gold Test Liquid Green Cap
  • 18K Gold Test Liquid Red Cap
  • 22K Gold Test Liquid Blue Cap
  • Silver Test Liquid White Cap
  • Platinum Test Liquid Black Cap
  • 2 Test Stones
  • 1 Test Neutralizer Solution
  • 1 Prong test tool with 5 Gold Testing needles
  • Wooden Box for 6 Acid Bottles

Jewelry Testing Solutions
These are the finest acids made today. Each bottle has 1/2 fl oz of acid. The sturdy plastic bottles maximize safety and allows the user to easily squeeze out one drop at a time.

Wooden Box with 8 Slots
These beautifully finished wood boxes, use the same design and materials as the wooden boxes that our gold acid test kits come in. The eight compartment box is the perfect dimensions to store 6 bottles of gold testing acid, a large testing stone and gold test needles or extra room for storing a loupe or magnet. You can use this to upgrade from a smaller gold test set, or build your own. The box is held shut with magnets. Foam padding it added to the lid to prevent acid bottles from rattling or being damaged. These storage cases are also excellent for storing burs, drills, small screwdrivers or any other parts or tools you may have.

  • Wooden box is great for storing gold testing supplies, parts or tools
  • Case has 8 compartments with foam padding on top to prevent rattling or damage to items
  • Box lid is kept securely closed by using magnets
  • Box has very nice and attractive, smooth finish for long lasting durability and good looking appearance