A Practical Guide to Finding Gold, Silver & Coins with the Minelab CTX 3030 Book

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Clive James Clynick is the author of some 17 previous detecting books and numerous articles.

In this detailed and informative book he shares his 35 -plus years of treasure hunting experience with the reader to create this unique guide to successful searching with the Minleab CTX 3030.


  • Basic CTX 3030 Handling and Care: Avoiding Damage.
  • Understanding and Using the CTX’s Strengths.
  • Improving Your Accuracy with the “In Keeping” Method.
  • Modding “Jay’s Gold Program.”
  • Clive’s CTX 3030 Gold Program & Method.
  • Beach and Inland Gold Hunting with the CTX 3030.
  • Bringing Up Targets in Dense Iron with the CTX 3030.
  • Running the CTX “Hot:” Mediating Noise.
  • Auto Versus Manual Sensitivity.
  • Bench, Nail and Proximity Testing.
  • CTX Ergonomics, Stock and 17″ Coil.
  • Top CTX Hunters Speak.
  • Site Skill Building.