Advanced Methods for the Minelab Excalibur Theory and Practice by James Clynick

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This is Mr. Clynick’s most detailed and informative book to date. In it, he helps the reader to develop an in-depth and practical understanding of the Excalibur’s in-ground operating characteristics and capabilities.

Topics include:

  • how understanding BBS detectors can increase your treasure hunting accuracy and effectiveness.
  • tuning: the “Salt and Pepper” method.
  • understanding the Excalibur 11.
  • coil control methods for identifying targets.
  • audio tips and methods.
  • recognizing gold, alloys and foils.
  • top hunter “Goldinwater’s” high-power system.
  • using “ground noises” to identify targets.
  • gold and the discriminate control.
  • understanding “out-of-range” responses, “nullouts” and “returning” signals.
  • high-accuracy “Reverse Hunting” with the Excalibur.
  • modifications, maintenance, basic repairs and troubleshooting.
  • and much more…

(120 pages, 8.5 x 5.5 softbound).