Blue Tumbling Media Silver Cleaning Kit for Coin and Rock Tumblers

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The Magic Tumble Clean System - BLUE (for silver, nickel and platinum)

  • Are you frustrated in finding a way to clean the coins, jewelry and relics you find?
  • Do you scrub each coin individually in order to get your bank just to accept them?
  • Does your silver jewelry look like it’s ready for the scrap box?

If you answered yes to these questions, then you really owe it to yourself to check out the Magic Tumble Clean system which we perfected through several years of trial-and-error testing on our own finds.

The beauty of the Magic Tumble Clean system is that it is totally safe and non-abrasive so your finds won’t be damaged in the cleaning process. In addition, the compound is non-toxic and can be flushed down the drain without worry of damaging your pipes or septic system.

When used in conjunction with one of the high quality Lortone tumblers, you can easily clean 100+ coins at one time and have them look like new when you’re done. We have two different kits available which will allow you to clean virtually any item you may find.

Why the Different Colors and Liquid?

Each kit contains: 8 oz. of MTC cleaning compound, 24 oz. of tumbling media stones plus instructions.

The tumbling stones come in either red or blue.

  • The red is for copper, brass and gold.
  • The blue is for silver, nickel and platinum.

The MTC cleaning compound is used for both colors of stone.

The only reason to have two different colors is keep your copper and brass cleanings separate from your silver and nickel. Copper will inherently leach into the tumbling media as the coins are cleaned. If you then use that same media to tumble silver or nickel coins, the copper from the stones will inherently attach itself to your silver and nickel – turning it pink. If you keep your medias separated for use by color, you’ll not have that concern with leaching and your coppers will stay copper bright and your silvers will stay bright silver.