Coiltek 11" 'DD PRO' (275mm) for Minelab SD, GP, GPX series Detectors

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This size is the most commonly used coil for prospecting, mainly due to the new detectors being released with a coil of this size. Many prospectors enjoy using a coil of this size because it gives reasonable ground coverage, has good sensitivity, has average depth capabilities and is relatively light weight. You will find the coil easy to maneuver and it is quite easy to pinpoint with.

DD PRO operation hints & tips

As this coil is a PRO series DD you will find it to have slightly better performance ability that the standard DD. A DD PRO has heightened sensitivity and a better performance on the heavier mineralised ground due to a slightly stronger field strength from the coil. Mainly noticeable on the sub gram pieces closer to the surface, it has a good ability to pinpoint a target. The ‘hot spot’ for pinpointing is approximately 1” in from the tip of the coil. Usually right under the top edge of the Coiltek Manufacturing logo sticker which has been placed there from new. By swinging this coil quite slowly and overlapping at least a quarter of the coil it has the potential to help clean up any patch of the smaller targets. Remember, we have seen 5+ ounce nuggets found with this coil at reasonable depths so the DD PRO has excellent all round ability (they’re just the ones we know about!)


  • Good all round performance
  • Good sensitivity and depth
  • Lightweight for all day use
  • Robust coil design

Applicable metal detectors

  • Minelab SD series
  • Minelab GP series
  • Minelab GPX series