Coiltek 14 x 9" 'MONO' GOLDSTALKER 'BLITZ' (350x230mm)

Product Code: C02-0022

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Introducing the first Litz wire wound coil:

Specifically made for the new GPX 5000 detector - this coil coupled with the 'Fine Gold' setting, has the potential to brighten up those faint targets, especially the smaller pieces at depths only seen on the new GPX5000.

The coils ability utilizes the already popular shape and size of the 14 x 9" coil providing excellent maneuverability and sensitivity for pinpointing and depth.

Size - 348 x 230mm Weight - 595 grams/24.8 oz

Performance abilities

  • Litz wire wound
  • Specifically manufactured for the GPX500
  • Heightened target response and clarity
  • Robust and lightweight design
  • Elliptical shape for best manoeuvrability
  • Easy pinpointing
  • Good depth with excellent sensitivity