Coiltek 24 x 14" 'MONO' GOLDSTALKER (610x355mm)

Product Code: C02-0021

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The largest of our 24 x 14" elliptical coil features a new, broader shape. This increase in width compared with the standard 24”x12” adds to the coil’s depth capabilities and gives better overall performance. As with all the elliptical coils, the narrow ends provide good pinpointing ability and manoeuvrability through more dense terrain. Great as a patch finder or a general search coil, it also picks up smaller targets closer to the surface. Lightweight for swinging all day, it’s perfect for searching for a good cross section of targets.

Size: 590mm x 345mm Weight: 1018g / 35.9oz

Mono coils are more sensitive and have better depth than an equivalent DD coil and penetrate with a cone shape like effect. They can become unstable in highly mineralised soils. *Mineralisation levels listed are based on using a GPX4500 detector and may vary with other models.

All weights and measurements are approximate. Weights include a standard skid plate. The information provided is to be used as a guide only and may vary depending on the detector used and the conditions experienced. Further advice can be obtained from your nearest dealer.