Detech 4.5”x7" Excelerator Elliptical DD Search Coil for Minelab

Product Code: D00117

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This 4.5" x 7" DD coil has very good coverage and depth.

This coil can be worked in between many obstacles and clutter.

It can be used for general hunting if you prefer a smaller footprint with more sensitivity.

Excels at finding coins, jewelry, relics, rings, etc.

The 4.5" x 7" size gives you the width of a 5" coil the length of an 8" coil plus added depth.

It's like using two coils at the same time.


  • Very stable operation.
  • Better Sensitivity.
  • More accurate target identification.
  • More stable ground and better overall field performance.
  • Ribbed housing, specially designed for absorbing the mechanical shocks and vibrations.
  • Made of special polymer, strengthened with glass fibers, injection molded with a very high pressure.
  • Maximum UV Protection.
  • The coil keeps it’s perfect inductive balance in a very wide temperature range.
  • Comes standard with Coil Cover.


  • Minelab E-TRAC
  • Minelab Safari
  • Minelab Explorer
  • Minelab Quattro


  • Waterproof
  • Size: 4.5" x 7"
  • Configuration: DD