DetectorPro Gray Ghost Amphibian II Headphones for Garrett AT Pro Gold ATX Infinium Seahunter

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Gray Ghost Amphibian II Headphones (pat.pend.) incorporates a number of dramatic improvements in weatherproof/submersible headphone design.

It is designed to replace both the Garrett AT Pro land headphone and the Garrett after-market waterproof headphone.

Now you can use one set of headphones for both land and underwater. The design is 100% waterproof and totally submersible to a minimum of 30 feet! No compromise in sound quality for functionality.

These Patent Pending Gray Ghost Amphibian II headphones (developed specifically for the Garrett line of detectors) incorporates a number of dramatic improvements in weatherproof headphone design.

It was designed to replace both the Garrett land headphone (that comes with your machine) and the Garrett after-market blue waterproof headphone.

The design is 100% waterproof and totally submersible to a minimum of 30 feet! Never again will you have to compromise sound quality for functionality.


  • Garrett AT PRO
  • Garrett AT GOLD
  • Garrett Seahunter Mark II
  • Garrett Infinium LS
  • Garrett ATX


  • Radical redesign of the traditional method of waterproofing wired connections on Piezo transducers: All underwater headphones use a Piezo type "buzzer" speaker system because land use paper speakers would disintegrate after getting submerged. However, the tonality of the piezo system is unfortunately compromised due to the piezo being dampened with silicone to waterproof the connections. Actually degrading the "buzzing" action of the Piezo. We developed a waterproof "sound box" for the Piezo and the connections are internal. The Piezo will then deliver its full range of audio rivaling land use paper speakers. Our headphone takes the place of both stock land headphones (that came with your detector) and the after-market Garrett "blue phones". Now you can use just one quality set of headphones for all your detecting needs.
  • Quality, comfort, fit and finish you expect from Gray Ghost: Once worn, you won't believe our headphones are designed for underwater use. They are as plush or more plush than most land phones. They fit snug and have soft cushions that won't slip off when encountering waves, submersing your head, or diving for treasure. Detect for hours in total comfort.
  • Attention to details: We read the user forums to learn everything we could to improve and surpass the Garrett headphones. Our improvements make the detecting experience much better. Improvements like lengthening the coiled wire cord and leaving enough straight wire coming off the connector to allow clipping to the hook under Garrett's arm cuff. This feature keeps the cable out of your way, eliminates a stress point at the rear of the detector, and helps keep the cable tangle free.
  • IP68 rated connector: Our connectors are manufactured to exact Garrett standard. You can connect into the Garrett AT Pro, AT Gold and Infinium metal detectors while maintaining a 100% waterproof seal. Some users are trying to cut and splice Garrett connectors to an older version of waterproof headphone. Get our quality, fully waterproof connector and protect the integrity and functionality of your Garrett metal detector.
  • Longer Cable Wire: Our coiled wire is longer, stronger and more durable than most standard headphone wiring. We make our waterproof headphones to last!


  • Heavy-duty Coil Cable with IP68 Waterproof Plug that mates securely to the Garrett AT Pro/Gold and Infinium
  • Solid-state Speakers Designed for Maximum Sensitivity, efficiency, durability in dry or wet, regardless of depth
  • Special Sound-blocking Muff Design eliminates ambient noise up to 24 decibels
  • Matched Frequency Response: 200-3,200 Hz
  • Heavy-duty Thick, Plush, Soft Polymer Cushions with full-ear surround
  • Heavy-duty Muff-to-Muff Connection Cable
  • Adjustable Fully Padded Headband... No screws... No wire frame... No rust!
  • Compact Carry and Storage foldable design