Gold Cube Trommel with Adjustable Pitch and Low Energy 12V Gear Motor

Product Code: GC-12

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The Gold Cube Trommel is very well built and designed to fit right on top of the Gold Cube! It runs on 12 volts and needs a minimal amount of power while retro fitting to your existing pump.

The Gold Cube Trommel has a pitch adjuster to provide slow to fast material movement so you can use it on the beach as well as the creek.

The hopper has a sprayer as well as the barrel so cleaning your material is automatic as well as, providing the proper amount of water to the Gold Cube.

It comes with all the necessary mounting equipment and installs in just a few minutes with a drill.

The Trommel can also be taken off when you need to use the cube as is or with a Gold Banker. Check out the videos on this page and get your order in ASAP.


  • Low energy 12v gear motor
  • 3/16th Punch Plate
  • Adjustable pitch
  • Extremely well built
  • Mounting template included
*Trommel ONLY! - Goldcube not included!

Installing the Gold Cube Trommel


Gold Cube Trommel Lake Superior