Gold Magic 12-10 Spiral Gold Panning Wheel Prospecting Recovery 12V Electric

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Spiral Gold Recovery System Includes:

  • Built-in 12-volt battery,
  • Built-in 110 volt charger.
  • Works in manual or battery mode,
  • Takes less than a minute to set up.
  • Can process 140 lbs of material every 60 minutes.
  • No need to screen the material first this machine will do the screening for you.
  • Takes material up to 2 inches.
  • Works wet or dry. In dry operation you will highly concentrate the material. It will take 140 lbs of material down to approximately 2 cups of concentrates in 60 minutes. Wet it will work the material down to clean good.
  • Shipping weight 16 pounds.

The Gold Magic Spiral Gold Recovery System will allow you to work more material faster and recover more gold than ever before! This machine will work dry to highly concentrate material, and it will work wet in a tub to separate black sand and gold. And it can work right down in a stream to process material so you take home clean gold.

  • Recovers all sizes of gold -- from flour gold to nuggets!
  • Prospect Dry
  • Prospect Wet
  • Fine Gold Recovery from Black Sand
  • Includes 12-volt battery
  • No pump is needed
  • Built-in Charger
  • Lightweight and portable - weighs just 10 lbs. with battery
  • 17 inch diameter spiral pan with 69 agitation knobs
  • Can process approx. 140 lbs (two 5-gallon buckets) of material per hour

All components are designed for rugged outdoor use. The frame is made of marine-grade aluminum. The fasteners and pan shaft are made of marine-grade stainless steel. No lubrication of any part is needed. Only oil impregnated bronze bushings are used— not ball bearings because they can seize up if black sand gets into them.

The motor has a permanently lubricated, sealed gear case. The Gold Magic has a built in 110 volt AC/12volt DC charger inside the control box. Your battery should be fully charged when you receive it. The charger will recharge the battery in about 10 hours. There is a built-in control to prevent overcharge.

The patented removable gold concentration cup allows you to pour your gold directly from the pan into your vial.

    How it Works

    How your Gold Magic Works

    The 17-inch Gold Magic® pan is computer designed for maximum gold recovery. As the wheel turns and you deposit material into the wheel, some of that material will immediately move up the wheel into the concentration cup. As gold and other more dense material arrives at the concentration cup, it replaces less dense material in the cup so that the center cup is continually filling with the most dense material in the pan. This process starts as soon as you introduce material into the pan and is complete within a matter of minutes. There are 69 agitator knobs, (1B), in the primary processing area of the Gold Magic pan. These agitator knobs move through the material in rapid succession causing it to mix and tumble, all designed to quickly get the gold into area (1-C). The larger, low density materials will be expelled from the pan while the heavier, smaller materials (black sand, gold, platinum, and gemstones) will be carried up the spiral riffle into the removable concentration cup.

    ( Area 1)

    This is the primary classification area - all materials, sand, gravel, etc. (wet or dry) is shoveled into this area. Large size and most low specific gravity materials roll out of the pan as it rotates. Heavy weight materials (gold) sink to the lowest point at the joining of riffle and the pan (1-C) and commence rotating toward areas (2,3,4).

    ( Area 2)

    This is the riffle transition and large nugget recovery area. Nuggets too large to spiral up the riffle in area (3) into concentrate cup (4) will remain in area (2) until visually sighted and removed.

    ( Area 3)

    This is the secondary classification area. The heavy material, (high specific gravity) like gold, platinum, flour gold and black sand, will continue to travel at the low point where the riffle joins the pan (1-C), to area (4). Most light (low specific gravity) material falls from the riffle in area (3) and it’s ultimately ejected from the pan.

    ( Area 4)

    Final classification area. Here you immediately see the results. The gold settles in the removable cup (4). As it continues to tumble wet, it is "cleaned up" with a gentle splash of water and is ready for removal. Dry gold concentrate is removed from here for final wet cleanup.