Killer B II Optima Headphones

Product Code: KB-II-OPTIMA

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Killer B II's have the same features as the Killer B except with Dual volume controls for those who have a big difference in hearing on either the right or left side.

The “Killer B II have the new style lightweight cups with a new external strain relief on the coiled cord.

They come standard with a 41 position, dual volume controls, a mode switch that will make them compatible with almost any detector, larger diameter, soft to the touch control knob, color coded toggle switch, and a ¼” angled plug on the end of one of the industries most durable coiled cords.

Inside the phones are two 150 ohm speaker elements that are sensitive enough even to pick up the faintest of signals.

The Killer B II fits snugly on your head so as not to slip around, but still remains comfortable for all day hunting.


  • Single volume 150 ohm elements
  • Standard with 1/4" right angled plug
  • Black cups
  • Dual volume controls