Lesche Mini Sampson 18" Ball Handle Shovel

Product Code: WWMFG-BH18-SER

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  • Length: 18" overall
  • Edge Dimensions: 7 1/2" Long x 4" Wide
  • Edge Style: Serrated and Pre-sharpened edge for cutting
  • Each shovel is Crafted From Aircraft Quality Steel
  • Perfect for Parks
  • Low Profile
  • Plenty of leverage
  • Great for Gardens
  • Great for unearthing treasures
  • A Versatile Shovel

The Lesche Sampson with ball handle and Serrated Edge is a great shovel for the many different types of treasure hunting you may enjoy.

The Sampson shovel is perfect for Relic Hunting, Coin and Jewelry Hunting and even Gold Prospecting.

While you would not bring a shovel to a park, the Lesche Sampson Digger is great for digging in out of the way locations such as a farmer's field, an old cellar hole or a ghost town.

The T-handle Lesche Sampson is both rugged and easy to use in all types of ground conditions. The Lesche Sampson Digger featured here is one of three in the series of Lesche Sampson shovels.

All are constructed of the finest air craft quality steel making them worthy of their 5 year warranty.

Exceptional Warranty

Every Lesche Sampson Digger is designed to last. The shovel is warranteed for five years against breakage under normal use.

The edge of the Lesche Sampson Digger is heat treated for great strength and durability.

The shovel is produced from the finest aircraft-quality steel, making it super strong, rust resistant, smooth and perfectly balanced.

From the moment you pick one up, you will appreciate the quality feel and design of a Lesche Sampson Digger.

Made In USA

Each shovel is hand crafted using the finest materials and the most advanced manufacturing techniques.

Considered by many metal detecting enthusiasts to be the best on the market!

The Lesche Sampson Digger is made from aircraft quality tubing. Each shovel is heat treated for superior strength.

This shovel is super strong, rust-resistant, smooth and lightweight. This design resists dents and nicks from tough digging conditions.

The Original

Walter Lesche came to the USA in 1952, penniless and unfamiliar with the English language.

Lesche started his business; Walt's Welding, out of his garage in the mid 1950's.

By building quality products, from the best materials available and selling them at a reasonable price the business grew quickly.

Through hard work and ingenuity he built a company that has endured. In 1964, Walt moved his company to its current location and expanded the line of products.

Today the company that he started is the sole manufacturer of a line of patented digging products with the registered trademarks “Lesche” and “King of Spades.”

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