Lot of 2 10" Green Plastic Gold Pans Panning & Snifter Bottle for Prospecting

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10" Green Plastic Gold Pans Panning for Gold Prospecting, 4 oz Snifter Bottle


(2) 10" Green Plastic Gold Pans Panning for Gold Prospecting

(1) 4 oz Snifter Bottle

4-oz. Sniffer Bottle for Gold Panning & Mining Prospecting. This Sniffer Bottle can also be used for cleaning around your home, office, workshop, etc.

Features include:

  • Combined size of nozzle & body: 5-1/4” x 2” diameter
  • Tube size: 4-3/4” x 3/16” diameter
  • Tube thickness: 1/32”
  • Material: plastic

When to use the Snifter Bottle in the gold panning process:
The snifter is used after you’ve panned down to gold or nearly so. Our small, hand-sized, flexible clear plastic snifter bottle has a small tube attached to its end. Squeeze the snifter bottle to create a vacuum inside so the submerged gold can easily be sucked up through the tube.

Why choose this Plastic Gold Pan over traditional metal pans?

  • Plastic will not rust or corrode.
  • Plastic weighs a lot less than metal.
  • The color stays true in the plastic pan, so gold flakes are easier to spot.
  • The riffles trap gold better, making your pan as effective as a sluice box.

Gold Pan Features:

  • Small Size
  • Designed with ridges that will trap fine gold
  • Functions: Used for prospecting and testing of deposits of heavy minerals
  • Material: Heavy Duty High Impact Flexible Plastic
  • Color: Green

10" Plastic Gold Pan Panning Green GP1001G

  • Diameter: 10" + 2 Ridges
  • Depth: 2"