Minelab 11" FBS Pro Coil

Product Code: 3011-0221

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Minelab 11" FBS Pro Coil for Minelab FBS Metal Detector E-Trac Safari 3011-0221

Fits FBS detectors, Safari, E-TRAC, Quattro MP and Explorer series metal detectors.

The standard coil for all FBS detectors this 11″ Double-D coil achieves amazing depth and mechanical stability in this lightweight waterproof design.


  • Coil Cover
  • Coil Hardware


  • Compatible: Minelab E-TRAC, Explorer SE PRO, Safari, Explorer XS Family, Quattro MP
  • Water Protection: Waterproof to 1 Meter
  • Coil Shape: Round
  • Coil Windings: Double-D (DD)
  • Manufacturer: Minelab