Minelab Curly Cord Power Cable (4 Pin) - Heavy Duty

Product Code: 3011-0207

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The Minelab Curly Cord Power Lead is for dome-top batteries. It is designed for convenience so you can place your detector on the ground and the cord will stretch, and using it as normal will see the power lead in the retracted position.

This allows hassle free detecting with no power leads to get caught in shrubs or under your feet!


  • Minelab GP 3000
  • Minelab GP 3500
  • Minelab GP Extreme
  • Minelab SD 2000
  • Minelab SD 2100
  • Minelab SD 2100e
  • Minelab SD 2200d
  • Minelab SD2100v2
  • Minelab SD2200v2

The previous Minelab part number for this accessory was 3011-0092.