Minelab Search Coil Hardware Kit for GPX, Excalibur II, Sovereign GT and Eureka

Product Code: 3011-0141

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This part can be used as a spare or to replace a broken piece on your Minelab Coil.
It is made with the same high quality materials that you have come to expect from Minelab.

Fits Excalibur, GPX, Sovereign, Eureka and older generation Minelab metal detectors.

The Coil Wear Kit contains the following items:

Qty Item # Description
4 3011-0027 Washer
2 3011-0028 Nut, 1/4-20 Unc Nylon Wing Black
2 3011-0029 Screw, 2X1/4 Nylon Black
4 30-8507-0006 Strap, Velcro One Wrap
2 Spacer, Nylon ID6,5 OD9,7mm Blk
2 Screw, 1.5X1/4 Nylon Black