Minelab Search Coil Hardware Kit for X-Terra Series

Product Code: 3011-0150

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This part can be used as a spare or to replace a broken piece on your Minelab Coil.
It is made with the same high quality materials that you have come to expect from Minelab.

Fits the Minelab X-TERRA Series Metal Detectors.

The Coil Wear Kit contains the following items:

Qty Item # Description
4 3011-0040 Washer
2 3011-0028 Nut, 1/4-20 Unc Nylon Wing Black
2 3011-0029 Screw, 1.5X1/4 Nylon Black
4 30-8507-0006 Strap, Velcro One Wrap
2 Spacer, Nylon ID6,5 OD9,7mm Blk
1 3011-0029 Screw, 2X1/4 Nylon Black
1 Nut, M6 Winged Black
1 Screw, M6X50 Black Thumb Screw