Minelab Tall Man Lower Shaft for E-Trac, Explorer and Safari Detector 3011-0204

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Minelab Tall Man Lower Shaft.
This 24" Shaft extends the metal detector for comfortably use at taller heights. Made for the Minelab E-Trac, Explorer and Safari series metal detectors.

The Tall Man Shaft extends the metal detector for taller folks to comfortably use.

Total length is 24 inches.


  • Minelab E-TRAC
  • Minelab Explorer SE PRO
  • Minelab Safari
  • Minelab Explorer II
  • Minelab Explorer S
  • Minelab Explorer SE
  • Minelab Explorer XS
  • Minelab Quattro MP

The previous Minelab part number for this accessory was 8017-0015.