RTG 1/2" Screen Square Side Beach Basket / Belt Sifter

Product Code: RTG-BBS

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This is our first newly designed beach basket that is made to wear on either side of your hip to dump dry sand into the basket while metal detecting.

The beach basket is made of heavy 1/2" mesh screen for durability.

An aluminum backing with a sand reflector to toss the sand away from your body.

There is plastic molding that surrounds the top of the basket for protection.

A 1" nylon adjustable belt is included with the beach basket to adjust to any waist.

Plastic snap hooks will not rust or jam.

The basket is rectangular and the outside size is 9-1/2" by 5-1/2" by 9-1/4" deep.

Overall length of the beach basket is 13" long with the aluminum reflector.

All you do is dump your scoop in the basket while continuing your search and the sand will fall through the sifting screen without falling into your clothes.

The beach basket will save you time by scooping up your targets and tossing it into the side basket while you are detecting.

This beach basket makes it easy and fast to recover your targets.

The beach basket is great for all competition hunts that are located at a sandy beach area.

Made in the U.S.A. by Reilly's Treasured Gold.