RTG Beachmaster Metal Detector Water Scoop for Metal Detecting

Product Code: RTG-700

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The water scoop is made with 1/2" heavy galvanized welded wire screen for quick sifting.

A flat bar is brazed around the outside of the screen to give the basket support from crushing.

The scoop's cutting edge has been designed and cut out on our computerized plasma system. The scoop's metal is 14 gauge steel (.083) & 5" in diameter.

The screen and handle are brazed to the bucket a supporting bracket. The handle is 40" long with a rubber hand grip. A very durable, lightweight, easy to use water scoop.

Excellent in and out of the water and in wet or dry sand. Made in the U.S.A. The bucket is 5" in diameter with a 9" depth - the screen portion is 3"

The handle is 40" making the overall length just more than 46" It weighs just over 3.5 pounds.

Stock photo, handle grip color may vary.