Shoreline Treasure Hunting with the Minelab Excalibur Methods & Applications

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Clive James Clynick is the author of twelve previous treasure hunting books and numerous articles. In this detailed and informative book Mr. Clynick shares his thirty-plus years of shoreline detecting experience to produce this advanced guide to successful treasure hunting with the Minelab Excalibur.

Topics include:

  • Modifications, Customization and Accessories
  • BBS Strengths and Weakness.
  • Testing, Using and Applying High Power Systems.
  • Grades, Sand Conditions and BBS Performance.
  • Recognizing Problem Targets.
  • Versatility, Accuracy and Skill Building.
  • Understanding Shorelines.
  • Understanding Target Classification.
  • Multiple Targets: “Cherry-Picking.”
  • BBS Target Information.
  • …and much more