T-Rex 6.5" Wide Wet Stainless Steel Sand Scoop with 3/8” holes Metal Detecting

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The T-REX bucket is approximately 11” long by 6.5" wide and 4" deep. 

The top of the scoop is 5” deep to prevent targets from being knocked out of the scoop while hunting in the surf. 

This scoop has 1/4" round holes 2" from the back and bottom of the scoop to catch small items. 

On the top of the scoop is a tube to attach your handle. The Handle tube is angled at about 20 degrees so digging is easier than with a straight up and down handle. This also makes the scoop more balanced and feel lighter when hunting out of water. 

The 3/8” Honeycomb holes are punched close together to allow for quick sand release and catch those smaller targets that can be missed by larger ½” or 5/8” holes. 

There is no push plate on the back of the scoop for more control and better balance when pushing down into the sand. 

The gauge of the stainless steel is .075” thick for the stress put on the scoop when digging in wet sand. The weight of the scoop is 2.2 lbs. on a postal scale (without the handle).

Best of all it is made here in the U.S.A. (The T-REX requires a wooden handle that can be purchase at your local Home Depot so there is no downtime if you should break your handle.)