The Minelab Quattro & Safari Handbook by Andy Sabisch

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Minelab has been a recognized leader in metal detection technology since they unveiled their first gold detector more than 30 years ago. With the introduction of Full Band Spectrum (FBS) technology in the Explorer series, detectorists quickly found out that the terms "Worked-Out Site" simply meant it had not been searched by a Minelab detector. The Quattro and Safari provide that proven performance to ensure you bring home the finds regardless of where you hunt or the treasure you seek!

This handbook contains the information you need to quickly master the Quattro and Safari. Some of the topics covered include:

  • Look “under the hood” and see the advantages Full Band Spectrum technology provides in terms of unsurpassed detection depth and target ID accuracy
  • Build a solid foundation by learning what every control does and when to adjust it
  • Benefit from proven tips & techniques provided by experienced users from around the world
  • How to search for and find lost coins, relics, jewelry and more
  • Learn the secrets of competition hunting, starting a recovery service or assisting law enforcement
  • Accessories that can help you find more, protect your investment and enjoy your time in the field

If you already own a Quattro or Safari, this book will simplify its operation and help you find more even if you have considerable time on the detector. If you are considering purchasing one, it will answer any questions you might have and ensure you have a solid understanding of what it is capable of doing for your type of treasure hunting.

(The book is 128 pages in length and measures 8.5"x11")