Two Pack Combo 24" Metal Detector Beach Sand Scoop

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Two 24" long handle Sand Scoops,  they are a must-have for metal detecting on sandy beaches. If you've ever tried a conventional hand digger in the sand, well it's very slow to dig your target. The sand just keeps going back into the hole as you dig. Having both of these scoops allows you the best of both worlds.

These high quality "Made in USA" galvanized sand scoops allows you to recover targets faster. They have 5/8" round holes which will not allow modern coins, tokens or most rings to pass through while allowing the sand to quickly drop back to the beach.

Soon you will learn to love the sounds that gold rings and coins make in the scoop basket.

The 24" Length Beach Scoop is very well built! It's Light Weight and Compact Enough To Fit In a Suitcase For Easy Travel To The Beach! You Will Want This Scoop For It's Fast Sifting and Large Open Scoop Design!

Made of galvanized steel with a fully enclosed scoop body, this easy to handle unit has 5/8” holes throughout. Just pull this unit toward you to sift lots of material in a short period! Handle is 24” long with an easy to hold plastic grip. Bucket size is 5” x 7.5”.

You Get Free Shipping In The US 48 States! Made in the U.S.A.

*Style and Color of the Hand Grip May Vary Based On Availability.