Water Hunting Secrets of the Pros VOL 2 by Clive James Clynick

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In this informative 100 pages book, author Clive James Clynick shares his many years of worldwide detecting experience with the reader.

Topics Include:

  • Developing your "Treasure Awareness"
  • Discovering and Applying Your Machine's Strengths and Capabilities
  • Advanced Shoreline Site Analysis: Grades, Strata and Classification
  • Roland "The King" Dalcourt: What Makes A Top Pro?
  • Understanding And Applying "Wide Net / Narrow Mesh"
  • Anatomy of a Site "Breakthrough"
  • From Observation to Action
  • Combining Tools, Skills and Methods
  • Skill-Building, Adaptability and Versatility
  • ...and much more!

(101 pgs. 8.5 X 5.5 softbound)