Water Hunting with a Metal Detector a Book by Gary T. Drayton

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Gary Drayton's latest release shows you how to become a proficient water hunter, from equipment choices to water hunting techniques. Low and high tide water hunting tips, search patterns, target recovery techniques and many more tricks to the water hunting trade.

This book is ideal for people new to the hobby and more advanced water hunters, no matter what metal detector you use.

There is much more to water hunting than walking in a straight line just inside the water two hours before low tide. Site reading and observational skills come into play, equipment choice is extremely important and the need to use sound basic metal detecting techniques to be successful.

Good beach hunters make great water hunters and he explains how to make a smooth transition from beach to shallow water hunter.

Gary's maverick style of beach and water hunting, helps him to recover thousands of dollars worth of jewelry in the water every year. Much of this jewelry comes from very heavily hunted tourist beaches, but he still kicks serious jewelry hunting butt every year.

Gary measures water hunting success in valuable finds and one look at his jewelry find pages will tell you he walks the walk.

Gary's water hunting finds show his water hunting techniques are very effective, buy a copy of this new book and see what you are missing in the water.