XP Deus Metal Detector Silicone Rain Proof Wristband for the WS4 | WS6

Product Code: D090

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With this convenient accessory, you can now have easy access to the digital display of the WS4 | WS6 headphone. With the optional WS4 | WS6 Headphone adapter (not included) you can also connect your own headphone. The WS4 | WS6 Control Pod is not included and may be ordered separately.

Easy access to all settings using the XP DEUS Silicone Wristband for the WS4 | WS6:

  • The WS4 | WS6 control pod alone can control the DEUS
  • Display the Target ID on your wrist
  • Connect your own headphone
  • Ultra-light portable configuration
  • Adjustable wristband, even over a coat
  • Rainproof